Scott Mendes

Scott Mendes

National Speaker
Western Minister
World Champion Bull Rider

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World Champion Bull Rider

Hello I’m Scott Mendes. My team and I are so very excited that you have found this site, well actually, site to be. Please allow me to share with you a bit more about my vision and where we are heading with our projects. I, personally, and those on our team, have a passionate desire to see the American Cowboy return in his original setting.

With him being an American icon that stands for doing what is right no matter what the odds are against him. We also believe that our culture today has worked very hard at removing, or at least attempting to desensitize what a true hard working hero looks like. And of course, this has been done through the voice of media. That is exactly why we are taking a very strong and committed stand against allowing "The American Cowboy" and all of his unique ways to perish from our minds and place in history.

You might ask why I feel qualified to take on such a large task? Well, one way the good Lord has blessed me with a strong lineage of true American Cowboys and even graced me with the honor of being born on the fourth of July. I’ve grown up with cowboying in my DNA, both ranching and rodeoing alike. My father is a true cowboy and cattle rancher in every sense of the word. My grandfather was a highly-honored rodeo cowboy, riding bulls and rodeoing with his brothers all along the rodeo circuit in the 30s and 40s and becoming a founder in what is today’s Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

As you can imagine there are multiple types of cowboys that we could add to the afore-mentioned two categories. There are two more types that were bestowed into my life and influenced me. One being the Silver screen cowboys, and then through a mantle from my grandfather on my mother’s side of the family, I was granted a very strong ministry calling in which I felt left to fulfill a legacy. One in which I now serve as a minister to cowboys and cowgirls across the nation.

Family Focused It is very clear as I stop briefly to look back over the first half of my life and see firsthand just how in control the Lord was in leading my life and guiding me in my professional career. He finally forged my character into my most important job of all, becoming a family man that not only loves and cherishes his wife, but raises his children in the admonition and fear of the Lord.

To say the least, I have been greatly blessed to have had the opportunity to live out all of my dreams, many times I have had to stand for my core values numerous times. In doing so, I have turned my back on millions of dollars, but by steadfast faith and refusing to compromise my beliefs in my Lord’s instruction. I now sense his approval to step out into a bigger vision where it is vital to both preserve the history of the past while also utilizing all modern technologies to assist us in keeping the American Cowboy in his proper role.

Here are a few ways that we will continue branding The American Cowboy-

  • Western family feature films
  • Original documentaries and reality shows within the western world.
  • Producing Western entertainment such as professional rodeo, bull riding and horse events.
  • Youth and children’s programming that promotes values and morals.
  • Programming featuring some of America’s top western trainers
  • Shopping network for western and cowboy merchandise.
  • National Campaigns within the livestock and ranching industry.
  • National news and media reports involving the agricultural, environmental and ranching industries.
  • Developing many new and innovative distribution platforms dedicated to The American Cowboy.

Together We Can Make A Lasting Difference